Handspun Skein Contest

New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival


by the New Hampshire Spinners & Dyers Guild


  1.   All skeins must be handspun by the exhibitor and completed since the previous NHS&WF.
  2.   There is no limit to how many skeins you may enter per Class.
  3.   There is no entry fee.
  4.   All skeins must be at least 50 yards long except for Class 7, Novelty Yarn.  There is no maximum.
  5.   Deadlines:  Skeins may be mailed with their corresponding cards one full week before the Festival to Susan Parker, 38 Whittemore Hill Rd, New Ipswich, NH 03071; or they may be brought to the Festival on Saturday morning from 8:30-9:30 a.m. to the Arts & Crafts Building (see map) and turned over to Susan Parker at the NH Spinners & Dyers Guild demonstration area.
  6.   The judge may move a skein to a different Class if deemed more appropriate.
  7.   Skeins must be tied in at least 4 places.
  8.   Skeins will be judged on Saturday.  After judging, skeins will be displayed in the 4-H/Fleece Sale barn.
  9.   Entries will be released on Sunday at 3 p.m. and must be picked up in the 4-H Building by 4:30 p.m. Neither the Guild nor the NH Sheep & Wool Growers Association is responsible for unclaimed skeins or awards.

Please attach two 3x5 cards to each entry with the following information:


On Card #1, write legibly, and using both sides if necessary, include the following:

  •    Class number
  • * Age of entrant if 18 or under
  •    Fiber content, including breed if known
  • * Producer of wool if grown in New Hampshire: name farm or shepherd
  • * Note if hand-dyed by exhibitor; if so, whether dyed as yarn or unspun fiber.
  • * Note if spindle spun
  • Description of preparation techniques used if by exhibitor, e.g. carded, combed, blending board, etc.
  •     Description of spinning techniques used, e.g. worsted, woolen, from the fold, etc.
  •     Description of color handling or dye technique, e.g. fractal, natural dyes, etc.
  •     Declaration of intended use (These last four aid the judge in critiquing.)

    * These designations may qualify your skein for an additional award beyond its class assignment.

On Card #2, on one side only, print your name, address, & telephone number.  Additionally, if your skein will be picked up by someone other than yourself, include your designee's name.


100% sheep's wool

  1. 2-ply yarn spun from commercially prepared fiber.
  2. 2-ply yarn spun from fiber prepared by exhibitor.
  3. 3- or more ply yarn spun from commercially prepared fiber.
  4. 3- or more ply yarn spun from fiber prepared by exhibitor.

Blended fiber:  at least 50% sheep's wool by weight, blended with another fiber, designed to show the versatility of wool when combined with other fibers.

5. 2-ply yarn.

6. 3- or more ply yarn.

Singles & Novelty yarn

7. Singles and novelty yarn must contain at least 50% sheep's wool by weight.  Novelty yarn will be judged on the effectiveness of color, texture, multi-plying, and other techniques skillfully used to achieve a textured type yarn.

Youth – age 18 & under

8. Any yarn at least 50% sheep's wool spun by an individual meeting the age requirement.


9. Any yarn made from animal fiber other than sheep's wool (e.g. alpaca, angora, camel, cashmere, mohair, silk, etc.) or blended fiber containing less than 50% sheep's wool.